Feb 8 2011

Bolt Cutterz accepted into 2011 Filmed By Bike festival!

Sean Stanley

Hurrah! Our short film Bolt Cutterz was accepted into the 9th Annual @FilmedByBike festival! Over 100 films were submitted, and 37 qualified – here’s a complete list of the 2011 Filmed By Bike Festival entrants. Here is some more information about the festival, which can be found in their “about” section on their website:

Filmed by Bike is a film festival of bike-themed independent short movies from around the world. Submissions are limited to eight minutes and must revolve around the central theme of cycling.

Hundreds of international entries are submitted but only an average of 30 make the final cut. Our jury of esteemed judges makes that tough decision.

The festival is held every April in Portland, Oregon at the Clinton Street Theater. The weekend-long festival kicks off with a rockin street party on opening night. We close off the street, bring in the ruckus and DJs and spend the night reveling in bike culture while amazing bike movies play on the silver screen.”

Bolt Cutterz from rakehellrow on Vimeo.

Jul 21 2010

New Short Film

Sean Stanley

Rakehell Row is currently in production on a new short film. To be released late 2010. This will be our first film post-Dumpie. We’re not releasing the title of the film just yet, so let’s just refer to it as ASAAJ. ASAAJ is keeping us very busy around headquarters and we hope to keep you abreast of all goings-on – from teasers to on-set photos, and, of course, any strange tales that may come about. Some tidbits about the film: it features David Lahti, Tyler Parr, and Jake Cain; it’s a midnight film that takes place during the day; it sports Heinz Mayr’s new hairdo… which is one of my all-time favs: The Bickle. Day 1 of the shoot was good times, felt terrific to be back on set again. Lots of energy and mountain climbing. The film is the most proactive film we’ve made to date… and with a little bit of luck and talent, the finished thing will smell like a whiskey-soaked shirt three days after the downpour. Ok, then, here’s to the rest of the shoot going off like Travis Bickle on a bad/good day.


For now, here’s one of the short films we made last year. It’s the simple and true story of a stolen bike. We declare revenge on all bike thieves!

Bolt Cutterz from rakehellrow on Vimeo.

Jul 5 2010

Bolt Cutterz

Sean Stanley

Bolt Cutterz is a short film by Rakehell Row about a stolen bike, and is now online! It is based on a true story and shot mostly at the real locations. Check it out now:

Adam Clarke
Lauren Ouellete
Heinz Mayr
Kevin Grant

Written & Directed by Sean Stanley
Story by Adam Clarke
Produced by Mark Potter
Camera & Editing by Sean Stanley
Sound by Ray Kilroy
On Set Photography by Mark Neilson
Visual Effects by Warren Stanley
Additional Bike Sound Effects by Lee Gonzalez
Music by Eric Conway

special thanks
KOHN’S meat market

Jun 29 2010

Cuttin’ Boltz loose.

Sean Stanley


Well, it’s about time we released Bolt Cutterz online. If we can get 10 people to respond to this entry, we will cut Boltz loose and put ‘er up on The YouTube. In case you don’t know, Bolt Cutterz is a film Rakehell Row made in summer 2009. It is the true story of a stolen bike, shot mostly on real location. It’s almost entirely an EOA film as well – that’s ‘East of Adelaide’ for all non-Londoners. Some of us grew up EOA and we’re proud of that shit, yo. Had a good time shooting this film, hanging off the back of cars, riding bikes, soakin’ in the EOA hood, drinking beers and tubin’ down the Thames with Kitten, having Kevin Grant in the vicinity, seeing Lauren walk up to set dressed to the tits in denim – completely unrecognizable upon first glance.

Photo by Agent Noslien

photo by Agent Noslien

Also, very happy to have Agent Noslien as the on-set photographer/stunt driver. Strange that he demanded his accomplice, The Little Shit, to be on set while he did his work – at first I thought it was his assistant, but I failed to see any assisting – but whatever, The Little Shit provided many an hour of entertainment for the cast and crew… particularly in the meat shop. That is a great meat shop by the way, special thanks to KOHN’S for the location – now, when I said that the film was mostly shot on location, the one location that was changed was the meat shop; the original meat shop didn’t want to be known as the bike-theft-susceptible location, however KOHN’S knew this was not true of their store and situation, and were happy to help the broke-ass film community with a location within the EOA hood.

Another highlight was getting to sit down with Eric Conway as he created the entire score for the film. Listen for it, Eric rocked that shit like three the Conway. Oh, listen for it if there’s 10 posts and what not.

Bolt Cutterz teaser

One scene that stands out for reasons peripheral to the narrative, is the rainy day/substitute bike scene, as it was filmed on the day Jacko died – we were being periodically briefed by Rakehell Honoree Heinze’s Mother as to Jacko’s status, and by the time I arrived home from set, Jacko had had enough.

Feb 20 2010

More Boltz

Sean Stanley

Bolt Cutterz is a short film that Rakehell Row made in 2009. It’s the true story of a stolen bike. This is the latest pic to emerge from the flick.

Jan 4 2010

Bolt Cutterz update

Sean Stanley


Bolt Cutterz is the film Rakehell Row productions filmed in summer 2009. The film is about a stolen bike, based on a true story, and filmed on the actual location of the incident… clocking in at 8 minutes in length. Rakehell Row is currently licking stamps and sending the film off to festivals… we hope to premiere it online later this year. Who thinks we should post it online sooner than later this year?

Adam Clarke
Eric Mayr
Kevin Grant
Lauren Ouellette

Director – Sean Stanley
Producer – Mark Potter
Story – Adam Clarke
Cinematography – Ray Kilroy
Editing – Sean Stanley
Photography – Mark Neilson
Effects – Warren Stanley
Music – Eric Conway
Sound – Ray Kilroy
Stunt Driver – Mark Neilson

Bolt Cutterz teaser

Oct 3 2009

Boltz and Johnny Matte do the LSFS

Sean Stanley

Rakehell Row Productions has two entries in this year’s London Short Film Showcase. The films Bolt Cutterz and In the White Room: with actor Johnny Matte were both accepted into the showcase, which takes place at Museum London on November 7th, 2009.

Bolt Cutterz teaser:

In The White Room Trailer

In The White Room

Sep 17 2009

Bolt Cutterz promo

Sean Stanley

Here’s a little teaser for Bolt Cutterz… final poster coming soon!

Photo by Mark Neilson

Photo by Mark Neilson

Jul 9 2009

That’s a wrap!

Sean Stanley

Principal photography wrapped on Bolt Cutterz today…

… woke up at that aforementioned dreaded crack of Noon and hauled ass on a bike without brakes (one of the bikes in the film), with the equipment on my back, to the set. Good times. Will let you know when I’m done cuttin’ boltz.

BCpost04: #43/02

Photo by Mark Neilson

Jul 9 2009

Happy Birthday Agent Noslien!

Sean Stanley

Happy birthday to Rakehell crew member, and eye-trumping, mean-pic taking, photographer Mark Neilson… all the pics you may have seen of the Bolt Cutterz shoot (floating around this blog) were taken by the man.

Air Neilson!  This picture is king.

Air Neilson! This picture is king.