Sep 30 2010

Ok Cobra hits

Sean Stanley

I didn’t even notice this until today, but the video we did for Ok Cobra’s ‘I Quit (I Give Up)’ has almost 15,000 hits on YouTube… cool!

as does the ‘Child In Rhyme’ video we did for their debut album:

Oct 30 2009


Sean Stanley

Ok Cobra – ‘Beautiful (southwest remix)’

Song: Beautiful (southwest remix)
Artist: Ok Cobra
Album: Delirium Tremens
Label: Urbnet Records
Directed by Sean Stanley
Produced by Ryan Somers, Tim Horlor, Mark Potter, Rakehell Row Productions

Oct 29 2009

New Ok Cobra video pending… Halloween Treats!

Sean Stanley

Stills from the upcoming Ok Cobra video shoot for the song ‘Beautiful (southwest remix)’:







Ok Cobra’s Delirium Tremens in the Edmonton Mall.

Oct 19 2009

… and speaking of Ok Cobra…

Sean Stanley

Here’s an interview Rakehell Row did a while back for Ok Cobra’s first self-titled album. The interview aired on the TV show London Calling. Here, Fritz Tha Cat is being interviewed by Guy Gardner… who may as well be Fritz’s twin brother.

Oct 19 2009

Ok Cobra Interview on CBC Radio 1

Sean Stanley


Ok Cobra ‘Bandwidth’ interview on CBC Radio 1

Here’s an interview with Ok Cobra that aired on CBC Radio 1 recently from a program called ‘Bandwidth’. Amanda Putz talks with Fritz Tha Cat and RecordFace about their new album ‘Delirium Tremens’. They get into details about specific songs on the album, what they’re about and where they come from. Putz ekes the origin of the album title and its personal connotations out of Fritz Tha Cat. Good interview (starts around the 13 minute mark and is about 10 minutes long)… they talk about the song “I Quit (I Give Up)” which we did the video for… check it out over here:

Oct 5 2009

The Morning After…

Sean Stanley

Photo from the morning after the Ok Cobra ‘Beautiful (southwest remix)’ video shoot:

"where is the Coka!?"

Kev, Ryan, Paul, Sean, Fresh, Mark.
Photo By Rachel Machan

Oct 4 2009

‘Beautiful’ shoot…

Sean Stanley


We shot the video for Ok Cobra’s track ‘Beautiful (southwest remix)’ last night. The song appears on the new album Delirium Tremens . The shoot went great and I think everyone managed to have fun in the meantime… the night was capped with a performance by Ok Cobra at the Black Dog Pub & Bistro in Bayfield. Joining Fritz Tha Cat and Recordface on stage was DJ Bnutz, with a special appearance by Everfresh and Governor Bolts.

Thanks to everybody who came out for making the video possible; if you weren’t there it would have been a lame-ass party video. Very good times had… special thanks to Kevin and Jodi for letting us use your lovely chicken bowl, and helping with all the arrangements; to Ken Renning (the pig-roast man); to the SKNZ boys; to Sherrie Rains; to DJ Bnutz, Freek, Everfresh and Governor Bolts… and whoever cleaned up the eating area.

Will post the video when it’s done.

Sherrie Baby

Sherrie Baby

Oct 3 2009

Ok Cobra ‘Delirium Tremens’ reviews start coming in…

Sean Stanley


OK Cobra’s ‘Delirium Tremens’ review in Exclaim magazine: click here

CityTV review: click here

I Quit (I Give Up) video:

Sep 25 2009

Ok Cobra music video shoot!

Sean Stanley

Rakehell Row is shooting a music video up near Bayfield on Saturday October 3rd, 2009. Associate Producer Fred Rockers wants me to put a call out for the following: Stylish girls who want to be in a hip-hop video that isn’t a bling/booty-shaking video, but a real party video.

For more info…
contact producer Mark Potter at:

Cheers. It’s going to be be a fun party video… with free beer until the free beer is gone.

ok cobra cd release poster

Here’s a link to another Ok Cobra video we did… and two blogs below is another one… check ’em out:

Sep 24 2009

Ok Cobra – ‘I Quit (I Give Up)’ music video

Sean Stanley

Shot up in north Ontario, this is the video for the first single, ‘I Quit (I Give Up)’, from Ok Cobra’s sophomore album Delirium Tremens. Good times shooting this video – we saw sunrise twice in one day. It’s only one day if you haven’t gone to sleep yet, right? Right. Caves, copters, pontoons, milk crates, water, land, and sky… enjoy!

Song: ‘I Quit (I Give Up)’
Artist: Ok Cobra
Directed by: Sean Stanley
Produced by: Ryan Somers, Mark Potter, Rakehell Row Productions
Label: Urbnet Records