Aug 25 2015

Turn It Back Around

Sean Stanley

Music video for Nevada Brown’s ‘Turn It Back Around’.
Song recorded and mixed at Bloodwood Studios.

Directed by Econley
Edited by Sean Stanley

Aug 11 2012

Freddy and Me

Sean Stanley

New Video Soon Come. We recently shot a new music video with the London, Ontario band The Creekside Strays for their song Freddy and Me from the album Honour Amongst Thieves. The video features David Lahti, Valerie Cotic, and Dave Eakins. Special thanks to The Black Shire Pub and Ben Potter for their help in getting the video made.

Looking forward to everyone seeing the video… it was a great shoot – got to ride in a 65 Chrysler Newport and revisit the alley where Bobby, Mark, and Jamie once rolled dice, and Kris Gonzo and Simon McKay pimp-chased Doctor Harris some years before that. Had a really good time putting together the project with the band. If you want to check out some pictures from the shoot head over to the Freddy and Me album.

Mar 3 2010

This Too Shall Pass

Sean Stanley

Here is a pretty rad music video for Ok Go’s ‘This Too Shall Pass’:

Ok Go – This Too Shall Pass

Directed by James Frost

Feb 9 2010

A Horse and His Boy live @ CTO

Sean Stanley

If you don’t know the band A Horse and His Boy, you should run in different circles or squares. They’re not only the best thing to come out of London since I don’t know, but with just one five-song album to their name, I feel they have the potential to be something great. A Horse and His Boy rocked the hand-drawn-cocks off the upstairs walls of Call the Office over the weekend and here’s a clip of them in action, performing a new song, and damn is it some fine work. Well done, sirs:

Camera & Editing by Sean Stanley
Sound by Tim Glasgow


Feb 6 2010

Will There Be Enough Water?

Sean Stanley

The Dead Weather rock the Roxy in L.A by turning the final track, Will There Be Enough Water?, from their debut album, Horehound, into a magnum opus. Jack puts on a hell of a show, and it looks like Alison Mosshart is trying to get him in dutch with his wife… or, you know, it’s just all part of the show.

Jan 15 2010

Video of the Day: Lessons Learned From Rocky I to Rocky III

Sean Stanley

Cornershop – Lessons Learned From Rocky I to Rocky III (2002)

Nov 22 2009

Good morning, er, afternoon…

Sean Stanley

How are you?  I’ve been far too busy and haven’t had a chance to post anything on here lately – worked on the TV show all week, editing footage of Jason Collett at the Black Dog Pub & Bistro in Bayfield, Wax Mannequin at the Black Shire in London, and Arkells from Phogfest in Windsor… good shows.  Will have footage posted as soon as possible on Rakehell Row’s YouTube page


Collett in Bayfield at the Black Dog Pub & Bistro.

Here a few quick things that came up lately…

New Kevin Smith interview with Mitch Albom, discussing the origin of the Hockey Song (Hit Somebody), and Kevin’s upcoming film adaptation of the wonderful Warren Zevon song… check out the piece over at Kevin’s homepage:

Video of Kevin Smith and Mitch Albom discussing Buddy The Goon!


The Zevon stands in the fire.

For Gwarn, new Vampire Weekend video for the song ‘Cousins’ from their new album Contra:

Oct 30 2009


Sean Stanley

Ok Cobra – ‘Beautiful (southwest remix)’

Song: Beautiful (southwest remix)
Artist: Ok Cobra
Album: Delirium Tremens
Label: Urbnet Records
Directed by Sean Stanley
Produced by Ryan Somers, Tim Horlor, Mark Potter, Rakehell Row Productions

Sep 24 2009

Ok Cobra – ‘I Quit (I Give Up)’ music video

Sean Stanley

Shot up in north Ontario, this is the video for the first single, ‘I Quit (I Give Up)’, from Ok Cobra’s sophomore album Delirium Tremens. Good times shooting this video – we saw sunrise twice in one day. It’s only one day if you haven’t gone to sleep yet, right? Right. Caves, copters, pontoons, milk crates, water, land, and sky… enjoy!

Song: ‘I Quit (I Give Up)’
Artist: Ok Cobra
Directed by: Sean Stanley
Produced by: Ryan Somers, Mark Potter, Rakehell Row Productions
Label: Urbnet Records

Aug 23 2009

40s in the parking lot.

Sean Stanley

Here’s a video we did earlier this year, for the song ‘Perfect Day (remix)’ that appeared on a Canadian hip-hop compilation called Supertoke 3.    The song features: D-Ray, Mindbender, and Fritz Tha Cat.   I posted a link to this video a while back… but since I’ve finally uploaded it myself, here it is again:

“Freestyle sessions and 40s in the parking lot.”