Feb 5 2011

Dumpie Hugs IMDb

Sean Stanley

Dumpie the Bear is now on IMDb!!!!! If you’ve seen the flick, please take a second to head over here and rate it… I didn’t think I’d have to specify this, but when I say rate the flick, I mean give it a 10!!! Some asshole already gave it a 7, thereby knocking any chance of us having a 10/10 flick! Hahahaha. Anyhow, great to see Dumpie in the IMDb library. Dumpie hugs for all!

Dec 3 2010

Year of the Bear

Sean Stanley

Well, first off, congrats to @MalcolmIngram for making iTunes top 25 podcasts of 2010 with his show the Toronto Ontario Mo And Glo Show. Which we happen to edit… so, that’s pretty cool. Along with doing the aforementioned Mo and Glo show, Malcolm managed to crack out over a dozen Blowhard podcasts and released his documentary Bear Nation this year. Not a bad year for the man.

As for us, we not only edit both of a Bear’s podcasts, but made a film back in March of this year for the 62-Hour Fringe Film Contest called Dumpie the Bear – it has nothing whatsoever to do with the podcast, but like the podcast, it does bear all. The film placed 1st… and we gave Dumpie hugs and PJ’s out for months afterward. One last time before the year is out, and to precede our posting of our new Film Contest film, The Lost Boyscout, here he is, struttin’ back from the gutter, off the drugs, and giving out hugs, David Lahti as Dumpie the Bear:

Jun 24 2010

Dumpie the Bear on Funny or Die

Sean Stanley

Hey everyone, thanks for visiting the site – promise to have more content up here soon, more movie reviews, more on set pics and tales… we’re going into production again soon and we’ll keep you posted as we go… for now, Rakehell Row’s Dumpie the Bear has now been posted over at funnyordie.com – if you got a second, please go over there and rate it! Much appreciated.

May 12 2010

Dumpie to screen at 2010 Film-On-The-Fringe

Sean Stanley


Dumpie the Bear, Rakehell Row’s latest short film, will be screening as part of the Film-On-The-Fringe at this year’s 2010 London Fringe festival, taking place on Wednesday June 16th, from 9-10:30pm at Wolf Performance Hall.

It is up to us to promote our film, as the filmmakers’ of all films equally share the box office proceeds from the evening. Fringe put the following in their notes for the evening: “Please note that about half of the films do have adult content and may not be suitable for children and ALL patrons must have a Fringe button in order to attend the screening.” – Our film, Dumpie, is one of these ‘adult content’ films… however it did win 1st place at the Fringe 62-Hour Film Contest back in March, which means it isn’t all naughtiness. Also, Fringe notes “website should be launched by the end of next week, and we are expecting the printed program by May 20th.”

Fringe website

May 2 2010


Sean Stanley

Willyousignmycast.com. Go there now and listen if you like to laugh yer dick off. 27 minutes into Episode 16, these funny-ass American boys (Brian Maxwell and Ryan J. Reynolds) give Dumpie the Bear some mad love!!! Like PJ’s in a vehicle type love. Thanks for the shout outs!!! You sexy basterds!

Brian Maxwell during the Tennessee flood. Brian Maxwell don’t get flooded, floods get Maxwelled.

Apr 11 2010

Dumpie hits 500!

Sean Stanley

Dumpie The Bear has hit 500 views on YouTube already! Thanks to everyone who checked out the flick and reposted it elsewhere online. Much appreciated. And, in case you somehow missed the Dumpster, here he is… in the fur:

Note: we’re currently making Dumpie t-shirts, let us know if you want one and what size! Will post a pic of the shirt soon as it’s printed!

Apr 8 2010


Sean Stanley


One of the best and most celebrated days of the year… as kids round the world dress up in Lahtiwear, as girls leave their underwear at home, as elderly women are helped across the street, as the waters in the river glisten like fresh draught, as raccoons stop being basterds, and the music fills the air, truly bringing in the new year… likes Desario rules, so does David Lahti’s birthday. Lift yer glasses and cheers… for we have reason to topple head over toe, bellyful with beers.


Happy birthday David Lahti!!! David recently tore shit up in our latest movie Dumpie The Bear.

Apr 2 2010

After the Laughter, Behind the Bear!

Sean Stanley

After the Laughter, Behind the Bear is a behind-the-scenes/outtakes/blooper reel of Rakehell Row’s most recent short film Dumpie The Bear, featuring the wonderful David Lahti. We just had too much damn fun with the outfit that we had to utilize every second with it – this video includes the much-talked about Car Wash scene… and even the donning of the Dumpster. Why put this sort of stuff on a dvd and try to sell it when we can give it away for free!?!!

After the Laughter, Behind the Bear (2010)
Camera & Editing by Sean Stanley
Featuring: David Lahti, Dwayne Lachance, and Eric Mayr

Mar 31 2010

After the Laughter, Behind the Bear

Sean Stanley

It has been a crazy week of goodbyes and moves and I don’t quite like it much. However, it must be done… and now, on to new projects. Rakehell Honoree Senor Fantastico left town today and the city feels a little less unique and a little more empty. I doubt I’ll see a Wolverine-looking motherfucker barreling down the street on blades and with ski-poles anytime soon and probably never again in this town.

And with the chaos, came no time to post anything here… most stuff around Rakeheadquarters has been post-Dumpie. Post-Dumpie: sounds like a movement if I’ve ever heard one, but that’s another story for another time. Ok, here’s the deal, if I can get 5 people to post a comment on here, I will post the Dumpie behind-the-scenes/blooper/outtake reel, After the Laughter, Behind the Bear, on the blog.



Mar 24 2010

Dumpie gets four out of four stars in The Beat

Sean Stanley

Dumpie The Bear review from the Beat:


Dumpie the Bear

By Rakehellrow Productions


The first prize winner of this year’s 62-Hour Fringe Film Contest, Dumpie the Bear follows the exploits of fallen children’s icon, Dumpie, in his big yellow bear suit. The rags-to-riches-to-rags story has been told, but Dumpie puts a new spin on the tale by taking a page from Puppets Who Kill and Greg the Bunny. Poor Dumpie, he just doesn’t know when to stop. While watching a guy in a mascot costume get drunk, high and act generally like an idiot might seem like a one trick pony (and it is), the film is short, tightly edited, and keeps hitting the viewer with new lows. The concept is simple, but executed well – and the one-liners are memorable. I’d highly recommend making it out to the Fringe Film Festival this June just to take this one in.


Well, we got as many stars as possible, hurrah! I don’t know what Puppets Who Kill is, and I know Greg the Bunny is Seth Green, but I’ve never seen it. They seem to like the editing and execution. “New lows” and “… act generally like an idiot” – these made me laugh… the review says the film is short, which I find weird because the film is 8 minutes 40 seconds and the max length was 10 minutes… perhaps it just seems short. Generally good review, the stars say great review… I think the review is missing one very important element and that is David Lahti’s performance; I’m not sure how you can watch the movie and not credit the man. He is the movie.