Dec 10 2015

Phantom of Winnipeg

Sean Stanley

Calling all Brian De Palma and Phantom of the Paradise fans!!! That means Somebody Super Like You! We’re making a new documentary about the phantastic 1974 movie and Winnipeg’s bizarre fascination with the flick. Did you know that it played for over 12 months in Winnipeg when it was initially released!?!?! That’s longer than Jaws, Titanic, and even Star Wars!!! Say what??! What was in the water?? Well, that’s what we are heading to Manitoba to figure out. Check it out, and help out if you can: Phantom of Winnipeg Indiegogo campaign


I have been a fan of this flick for many years, and am very surprised and excited to be making a movie about it. I will try to post updates about the production here as it unfolds.

Also, we recently got some love from Deadline, CHUD, and the AV Club

Jul 15 2014

Labatt Memorial Park

Sean Stanley

Here’s the poster and trailer for the latest documentary we’ve been working on!! It’s a documentary about the world’s oldest baseball grounds, Labatt Memorial Park. If you like what you see and want to help out, check out our Indiegogo Campaign to finish the documentary: Labatt Park Documentary

Thanks to John Madden for helping with the poster.

Labatt Memorial Park Official Trailer (2014)

Aug 10 2011

Flixx TV Host Shannon Laing

Sean Stanley

Meet the host of our new TV show, Flixx TV, Shannon Laing:


Jul 10 2011


Sean Stanley

Hey everyone out there in Internet land, we’re heading to TV, and the old battleground known as Flixx Video Store is coming with us, in a new incarnation – FLIXX TV! We have Flixx Captain Will Burnett’s blessing, and with the classic logo revamped by Warren Stanley, we’re hitting the airwaves on September 12, 2011 on Rogers Local.

Whipping this bad boy into shape may be the reason the posts on the blog have been so sporadic around here lately, or at least, another reason. The show will be focusing on the London Movie Making Community… featuring short films, filmmakers, composers, editors, make-up personel, actors, and anyone else getting their hands dirty with film. ‘Cause dirty films are the best, right?

We will keep you abreast to all show updates – obviously, we can’t post too much online until the show airs, but we will certainly put up some teasers when they’re good to go. Feels good to resurrect the Flixx logo… and with a little luck, I might be able to wrangle Will Burnett into a segment or two for the Flixx Pixx – complete with the same store rating system: Highly recommended; worth seeing; and No, we didn’t purchase Honey with Jessica Alba.

Ok, alright, that’s all for tonight.

Jul 30 2010

rakehellrow on IndieGoGo

Sean Stanley

Our new short film, A Stock & A Jack, now has an IndieGoGo page (a site to help fund film projects)! Check it out, and if you’re interested in donating any funds we’ll be forever indebted to you, and Mark will lather you in hugs and kisses. Sounds like fun, right? Right. To check out the page, some photos, and other info on the flick, click here:

Feat: David Lahti, Tyler Parr, Jake Cain, Josh Stewart, and Heinz Mayr
Written and Directed by Sean Stanley
Produced by Mark Potter
Production Assistant Dwayne Lachance
On Set Photographer Mark Neilson
Graphics and Effects by Warren Stanley
Original Music by Eric Conway
Sound by Ray Kilroy
Best Boy Drez Peregrina
Edited by Sean Stanley

Photo by Mark Neilson

Jul 29 2010

On the Row – July part 2

Sean Stanley

Good day people, we’ve had a busy couple of weeks around here. We purchased the new Row Mobile, Rusty James – she’s from the 80’s but has a little left to go in her before she makes her way out of the twenty-teens and into the beyond and/or smithereens… whichever comes first. Many thanks to Larry for the wheels, so far she has only died twice; apparently she really does not like headlights being in the ‘on’ position.

We’re currently in production on a new film entitled A Stock & A Jack, and had a great and very productive weekend creating the beast. Had the pleasure of working with actors Dave Lahti, Tyler Parr, and Jake Cain on set. Producer Mark Potter was in full effect, bringing in one of our best extras to date: The Mayor – hope you all get to see some of The Mayor’s work sooner than later – it may just be his life performance. It was a pleasure to have Mark Neilson on set again – man’s got an eye sharper than the devil’s wit, and a Little Shit of an assistant (who actually wasn’t a little shit this time around, however, he has earned the title Little Shit and who am I to go changing something like that?!) who took to Barstool Betty in Marino’s and in trying to impress her did a stunning job behind the scenes. Best Boy #1 of the shoot, right there. High five to the Little Shit and his three-pack a day smoking habit. Many thanks to Dwayne Lachance, Drez Peregrina, Heinz Mayr, Ray Kilroy, Mo, Chris and Marino’s, Jill, and, of course, The Mayor, for all their help this weekend.

Hope to have some more posts about production up here soon – especially since the weekend involved one of my favourite shots that I’ve ever put to film… I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but let’s just say we had to close up production and move locations to avoid any possible interference from the fuzz. For now, here is a photo of actor Tyler Parr on set:

Photo by Mark Neilson

Photo by Mark Neilson

Jul 25 2010


Sean Stanley

A million thanks to Westside Variety in London, Ontario. Mo, the owner, was super-cool and let us run amok Clerks-style in the store. The pic below is from Day 2 on set of the new short film, currently being referred to as ASAAJ. Day 2 was the most fun I’ve had on set since Dumpie the Bear… we got up to plenty of shenanigans at and around the Westside Variety. We support you Westside Variety and the Westside Restaurant ajar to you that serves a great breakfast for like $5. Inside the Variety Store, we found a giant stuffed tiger above the fridges… a strange and peculiar sight. Will keep you posted as we go, here’s to a good Day 3.


Jul 21 2010

New Short Film

Sean Stanley

Rakehell Row is currently in production on a new short film. To be released late 2010. This will be our first film post-Dumpie. We’re not releasing the title of the film just yet, so let’s just refer to it as ASAAJ. ASAAJ is keeping us very busy around headquarters and we hope to keep you abreast of all goings-on – from teasers to on-set photos, and, of course, any strange tales that may come about. Some tidbits about the film: it features David Lahti, Tyler Parr, and Jake Cain; it’s a midnight film that takes place during the day; it sports Heinz Mayr’s new hairdo… which is one of my all-time favs: The Bickle. Day 1 of the shoot was good times, felt terrific to be back on set again. Lots of energy and mountain climbing. The film is the most proactive film we’ve made to date… and with a little bit of luck and talent, the finished thing will smell like a whiskey-soaked shirt three days after the downpour. Ok, then, here’s to the rest of the shoot going off like Travis Bickle on a bad/good day.


For now, here’s one of the short films we made last year. It’s the simple and true story of a stolen bike. We declare revenge on all bike thieves!

Bolt Cutterz from rakehellrow on Vimeo.

Jul 17 2010

On The Row – July 2010

Sean Stanley

Ok, so there is a teaser of sorts for the new legitimate Rakehell Row short film… the first film, post-Dumpie. I will send a link for the teaser to anyone interested – just post a comment below!

Photo by Mark Neilson

Photo by Mark Neilson

Jul 15 2010

On the Row

Sean Stanley

On set July 2010. New Rakehell Row short film.

Photo by Mark Neilson

Photo by Mark Neilson