Jun 11 2011

The Lost Boyscout teaser

Sean Stanley

For all those who missed it, here is the teaser trailer for our short film The Lost Boyscout. The film features David Lahti and Trevor McLeod as woodsmen, living off the land, and will be playing alongside a couple other short films at the summer premiere of our new featurette, RoboBuddy, which also features David Lahti and Trevor McLeod. Now, load up on Shuzaku mushrooms and enjoy!

Mar 28 2011

Lost Boyscout Poster

Sean Stanley

The Lost Boyscout poster designed by Warren Stanley

Feb 12 2011

The Lost Boyscout (extended cut)

Sean Stanley

I sent our short film The Lost Boyscout to my friend Greg Gonzalez, who currently resides in Korea. Greg showed the movie (the extended cut aka the Korean Edition) to a Korean girl… and well, this is what he wrote “when he tries to open the can of beans. She likes it” and this made my day… simply because that girl did not understand a single word being said in that film, but still enjoyed David Lahti doing what he does best – shining a light on the universal comedy.

Now, for all you blog returners, here’s the Korean Edition for your viewing pleasure:

Dec 12 2010

The Lost Boyscout

Sean Stanley

Here it is, our most recent short film, The Lost Boyscout. The film, featuring David Lahti and Trevor McLeod, was made as part of the National Film Challenge 2010 back in October. The challenge was to make a film in 48 hours using the following elements:

GENRE – mockumentary
CHARACTER – Morgan Wunderlich, motivational speaker
LINE OF DIALOGUE – “Pull the car over”
PROP – Chopsticks

The Lost Boyscout (2010)
Featuring David Lahti, Trevor McLeod
Directed by Sean Stanley
Written by David Lahti, Dwayne Lachance, Sean Stanley
Produced by Mark Potter
Music by Martin Rae
Special Thanks The Book Addict, Bob Crook, Eric Conway, and Warren Stanley

Dec 9 2010

The Lost Boyscout coming soon!

Sean Stanley

rakehellrow’s new short film The Lost Boyscout is going to be released online any day now… the film was made as part of the 48 hour National Film Challenge; it features David Lahti and Trevor McLeod, was directed by Sean Stanley, written by Sean Stanley, Dwayne Lachance, and David Lahti, with music by Martin Rae, and produced by Mark Potter, with help from Bob Crook.

Come back and check the blog in the next few days! For now, here is a picture of actor Trevor McLeod looking awesome (this picture is used in the film courtesy of the McLeod Family Archives):

Get some.

Get some.

Dec 2 2010


Sean Stanley

Martin Rae is a musician who has a handful of songs featured in our new film The Lost Boyscout, which should be posted online very soon… for now, check out a new tune that Martin recently posted:

by Martin Rae
Sasquatch Records 2010
check out RAEART for more!

Oct 26 2010

rakehellrow contest!

Sean Stanley

Team rakehellrow made a new short film this weekend for the National Film Challenge. The film is entitled The Lost Boyscout and features David Lahti and Trevor McLeod. Special thanks to The Book Addict for letting us film there. We had a great, chaotic, inspired, and sleepless time making the flick. After we hear back from the Contest Judges, we’ll post the film online… which could be a couple months, so until then, be the lucky person who gets to see it NOW! To see the film, simply tell us your favourite rakehellrow/David Lahti film… we’ll put your name in a hat, and at the end of the week we will pick a winner to send the film to!

David Lahti/rakehellrow films:
Lo & Behold
Casting Call
In the White Room
Xmas Noir
Dumpie the Bear

David Lahti/rakehellrow short-shorts:
Liquid Courage
The Weichels

more rakehellrow films featuring David Lahti coming soon to sometime:
– Drez: The King of Sin City
A Stock & A Jack
The Lost Boyscout