Jan 28 2011

Not Just In February

Sean Stanley

Animal Style

The rakehellrow movieshow is back for round four here: “In-N-OutCast episode #4: Not Just In February”. Fourth time around, Sean and Dwayne discuss Jonathan Silverman, The In-N-Out Burger (of course), Joe Pesci, Dwayne’s great discovery while on set recently, along with six degrees of Rod Steiger.

rakehellrow movieshow: “In-N-OutCast Episode #4: Not Just In February” by Chancey_Sinclair

Jan 18 2011

The In-N-OutCast

Sean Stanley

The rakehellrow movieshow is back! In its third week, episode #3: ‘Drug Abusey’, Sean and Dwayne talk about George Carlin’s autobiography, Norm MacDonald live in Toronto late in 2010, and the rest of the highlights from last year. This will be the last 2010 recap episode, moving on to the making of our most recent productions like Drez: The King of Sin City… and then we’ll have guests on the show like actor David Lahti, and movie-aficionado Emily Fuhrman. Also, in this episode, Dwayne commits to watch all of the Star Wars movies for the first time… note: Dwayne hates space movies.

The “In-N-OutCast” Episode #3: Drug Abusey
rakehellrow movieshow: “In-N-OutCast” Episode #3: Drug Abusey by Chancey_Sinclair

Jan 10 2011

rakehellrow movieshow

Sean Stanley

Hey everybody, pop-a-wheelie, it’s Sean and Dwayne on the rakehellrow movieshow: “The In-N-OutCast” Episode 2: Angelina Jolie’s 28.8 Modem. We are not in anyway professional podcasters, but we are professional drinkers, and that’s what having an afterhours podcast is all about, right? Right. On this episode we cover Dwayne’s love of Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman, discuss our favourite shows of 2010, and finally get into a very brief examination of favourite ‘computer’ scene in a movie. Also, Drez and Lee stop by at the end to chime in on favourite movies of the year. Looking at the picture above, it makes me realize that I will have to get Dwayne to tell some L.A stories on the cast soon…

The ‘In-N-OutCast’ Episode #2: Angelina Jolie’s 28.8 Modem
rakehellrow movieshow: “In-N-OutCast Episode #2: Angelina Jolie’s 28.8 modem” by rakehellrow

Jan 4 2011

Happy New Year from rakehellrow!

Sean Stanley

Hey Gang! It’s been far too long since last we posted… been around headquarters, somewhere between Post-Production and Pre-Production. Hoping to have a showing of our new film, A Stock & A Jack, in February. Til then, we will be posting our new podcast on the blog! Featuring a plethora of characters from Dumpie the Bear co-writer and actor Dwayne Lachance, to writer/director Sean Stanley, to the man-of-many-parts Heinz Mayr, to Dumpie the Bear himself, Mr. David Lahti. We will cover everything from general movie talk, to talk about our movie productions and any side story laced with the underbelly of attraction concerning our colourful cast of crackshots and characters.

Here it is, recorded a couple weeks ago (so don’t mind the dated Miley Cyrus/Bong talk), episode 1 featuring Dwayne Lachance – be prepared to listen to Kesha for the first few minutes of the show as Dwayne introduces me to the new girl he has a crush on… yikes. But then we get to the goods like Fainting Goats! After that, it’s mostly movie-talk, so, without further ado, the rakehellrow movieshow:

The “In-N-OutCast” Episode #1: Pretty Vanilla
rakehellrow movieshow: “In-N-OutCast Episode #1: Pretty Vanilla” by rakehellrow