Mar 15 2011

Spaced Out on vimeo

Sean Stanley

Mar 10 2011

Spaced Out – winner of the 2011 Shot On Mobile Short Film Showcase

Sean Stanley

Our short film, Spaced Out, which was shot during the month of February 2011, won the Shot On Mobile Short Film Showcase last night!!! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the flick and voted!! Good night watching films shot on a mobile phone – nice to see good films and not a bunch of nausea-inducing Blair Witch-like flicks. Ok, so without further ado, here she is, Spaced Out:


Mar 8 2011

Spaced Out trailer

Sean Stanley

The new short film by rakehellrow, Spaced Out, was made as part of the 2011 shotonmobile short film showcase, and it now has a trailer!! The shotonmobile showcase is taking place at the Unlab (corner of Richmond and Windermere), in London, Ontario, tomorrow night at 7pm. The showcase rules were simply that the film had to be shot entirely on a mobile phone and during the month of February 2011.

After the showcase tomorrow, we will be putting final edits on the film, a director’s cut if you will, and screening the film along with our other new top secret film – currently being referred to in whispered tones as Operation Moustache – sometime in late Spring/early Summer. Stay tuned… for now, you can get mental with the Spaced Out trailer:

SPACED OUT trailer from rakehellrow on Vimeo.

Feb 22 2011

On the Row: Spaced Out #1

Sean Stanley

Bearing the cold, we shot our short film for the Shot On Mobile Short Film Showcase taking place in London this year throughout the month of February. The festival rules are simply to shoot a short film entirely on a mobile phone… and so we did that, in our own special way.

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend, and spent their Family Day with us helping to get the film finished.