Nov 19 2011

the.ACCOUNT(AN.T) is now online!

Sean Stanley

The new short film by rakehellrow productions!!! the.ACCOUNT(AN.T) was made as part of the Fringe 62 Hour Film Contest. And since we were “disqualified from winning any cash prizes” (basically we couldn’t win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place) because our film was 7 minutes late… we were still eligible for the other awards like ‘best use of the elements’, ‘best editing’, etc. And we won the Audience Choice Award… and who better to pick a winner? A nice consolation was through the grapevine I heard that our film was picked as the winner but it wasn’t allowed because it was late. Anyhow, enough drama for now, let’s get to the suspense! Here’s actor David Lahti as the hapless and titular accountant whose life gets flipped upside down when he stumbles upon some wrong numbers and rackets.

The 4 Elements we had to use in the film were:
LINE OF DIALOGUE: “The cat needs an operation.”
PROP: Can of Lunch Meat
LOCATION: Clock Downtown
THEME: Missed Connections

Cast: David Lahti, Dwayne Lachance, Ryan Johansen, Eric Mayr, Drez Peregrina, Mark Potter
Directed by Sean Stanley
Produced by Mark Potter, Dwayne Lachance
Written by Sean Stanley, David Lahti, Dwayne Lachance
Graphics by Warren Stanley
Sound by Ray Kilroy
Editing by Sean Stanley

Special Thanks to Todd Bushey.

May 24 2011

RoboBuddy Teaser!

Sean Stanley

Wow, so it’s been a long time since we’ve posted on here. Spring has finally sprung, only after what felt like a six month long winter…. and during that wintry season we made what will be our new film: RoboBuddy. So, we finally get nice weather, and yet, we’re on lockdown in post with a handful of projects. Hopefully, the downtime gave people some time to catch up with what’s going on concerning the new films: the director’s cut of The Accountant and the premiere screening of RoboBuddy, our new 25 minute comedy featuring David Lahti.

Ok, so without further ado, the first taste of Robobuddy in the form of a teaser – Get your robot-heads ready to be rewired:

Apr 15 2011

the.ACCOUNT(AN.T) trailer

Sean Stanley

Our new short film, the.ACCOUNT(AN.T), which was made for a 62 hour film contest and won the People’s Choice Award, now has a trailer!!

Apr 15 2011

On the Row: The Bag Man

Sean Stanley

I figured I would stop posting random movie info on the blog about movies from years ago… and do something current, something rakehellrow oriented, so, while we finish post-production on the Director’s Cut of the flick, here are some On Set Pics from our most recent short film the.ACCOUNT(AN.T):

Mar 22 2011

The Accountant wins Audience Choice Award

Sean Stanley

Well, at least the audience in this town has some taste…. hahahaha… our short film, The Accountant, won the Audience Choice Award at a local 62-hour Film Contest. Our film was ineligible for the top prizes because we handed it in 5 minutes late… but for the record, I made the film in 62 hours… under, in fact… the damn thing took half hour to print and burn. Anyhow, washing the bitterness out my mouth with the audience’s choice as the best film – the audience’s reception of the film was a great consolation. That’s gotta say something… many many thanks to everyone who voted for our flick. Will post it online someday down the road… well after someone wins the damn contest posted on the blog below!

Mar 16 2011

The Accountant contest

Sean Stanley

Be the first, or maybe second or third, to see our new short film The Accountant. Made in 62 hours, the film is about a hapless accountant who gets mixed up in numbers and rackets. Directed by Sean Stanley, with a concept borne by Sean, Dwayne Lachance, and David Lahti, and caressed by Mark Potter and Heinz Mayr. So, let’s do a contest for the fans who would like to see the film early… be the first person to respond on the blog with the correct answer to the following question:

What is the name of the book David Lahti’s character is reading in the short film The Lost Boyscout?

Mar 15 2011

The Accountant poster

Sean Stanley

Ok, so we’ve been really busy around here… Having finished The Lost Boyscout in late October, we’ve since completed A Stock & A Jack, Drez: The King of Sin City, Ubu, Spaced Out, and now The Accountant! The Accountant was made as part of a 62-hour film contest (make a movie in 62 hours using the following elements: Prop – can of luncheon meat; Line of Dialogue – “the cat needs an operation”; Location – a clock downtown; Theme – missed connections)… and will screen in town soon. We will most likely screen it alongside A Stock & A Jack or our new top-secret film being referred to as it’s temporary fake title – Operation: Moustache. Ok, so without further ado, The Accountant poster! (click to enlarge)

Taxes Due April 30th. No, seriously.