Sep 14 2013

Scott Mosier Interview

Sean Stanley

Mosier, super-producer, one hilarious half of SModcast, and gazelle-like-Hockey Player, was in Toronto recently with a documentary he produced entitled A Band Called Death – I missed the flick whilst at SXSW, but was very happy to have caught it at the TIFF Lightbox Theatre when it played – about the incredible, and until recently undiscovered, Detroit 70s punk band Death. Great story, great band, great doc. Mosier was there to do a Q&A, and was nice enough to answer some questions for us regarding the flick. I’ve been a fan of the band for a few years – the title song for our short film A Stock & A Jack was based off of a Death song – and feel the documentary only empowers the music more so. Such a great story – check it out here: A Band Called Death. And as a nice primer for the flick, here is the interview we did with Mosier for Flixx TV:

Dec 2 2012

Twilight vs. Lost Boys

Sean Stanley

Flixx TV Host Shannon threw down the gauntlet, and Dwayne accepted the challenge, happily. The result was this vampires mash-up, old meets new… and they have at it. Lost Boys. Twilight. Outsiders-style.

Nov 22 2012

Flixx TV Season 2

Sean Stanley

It has been a great season of Flixx TV.  Before anything else, a very necessary thanks to Producer Dwayne Lachance, Host Shannon Laing, Our Main Man David Lahti, Gaffer Drez Peregrina, Musicians Martin Rae and Eric Conway, Vocal Maestro Brian Maxwell, Graphic Designer Warren Stanley, and Sponsors PA Shop, LA Mood, Lids Hair Salon, Raetunes, and Bloodwood Studios.

We began putting the season together at the riotous 2012 Shock Stock Horror Celebration Weekend, put on by the boys from Vagrancy Films, James Bialkowski and Jake Grimbrother, and we got to whoop it up with the likes of Kane Hodder, Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, Joe Pilato, and Jeffery J. Timbrell.  Then we headed on over to the big city and caught director Jonathan Holiff’s documentary on Johnny Cash and his manager (and the director’s father) Saul Holiff, My Father and The Man in Black, at the Toronto Underground Cinema for NxNE 2012, as well as a Q & A with director Rob Heydon, who just finished adapting Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy for the screen and is now working on a documentary on Jeffrey Dowd, the man behind The Dude in The Big Lebowski.  Followed that edition up with a Fan Expo 2012 episode where we scored a sweet interview with Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) and Sean Patrick Flanery (Suicide Kings)… aka The Boondock Saints.  And back to the Forest City to interview Kyle Reece himself, Michael Biehn, on the set of the MMA movie, Tapped.

Geronimo Deadly started the season with their short film Sea Shells.  And Tyler Parr and his short film Dragonfly, which screened at Cannes earlier this year, will close the season.  Several new sketches were borne this year including Movie Mythprobers, And Now You Know, and The Completely Unauthorized and Unnecessary Biography of Christian Slater, which was a pleasure to have Brian Maxwell narrate – along with that bit of oratory brilliance that he delivers, some of my favourite moments from the season include The Guy From The Forest City, because in The Dude we trust; our Wonder Years homage: The Flixx TV Years; and the Vampire-oriented writer’s room coming up on the rakehellrow edition.

Ok, thanks again to Maxwell for lending a voice from the South, Martin for the tunes, and Conway for the audio cleanings.

Til next season, check out the Flixx YouTube page to get yer Flixx fix.

Oct 19 2012

And Now You Know

Sean Stanley

Hey, check out the new Flixx segment!  Remember The More You Know??  Those extremely informative blips between shows with celebrities talking about the dangers of drugs and venereal disease?  Well, the new segment, And Now You Know, is a lot like that, but about movies… in this segment, Dave gives the lowdown on Albert Brooks:

Sep 20 2012


Sean Stanley

Wow. Ok, well, it’s been a hellishly busy year… so busy that I haven’t seen the good Agents in far too long. Did get back from Mission: Cuba in August, managed to drink at Hemingway’s bar – both the daquiri and mojito bars – and other than that, it has been nonstop judo in the clinches.

There was the mountain of Continental, the documentary I’ve been consumed by… and then there is the new season of Flixx TV, which launched last week. I will be posting stuff on here for Flixx very soon… stuff like Host Shannon Laing interviewing the Boondock Saints, Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus:









And some of our new segments like Movie Mythprobers, and more audio-stylings from our Tennessee Titan, Mr. Brian Maxwell. For more, check out the facebook page









Ok, back to the cutting board,
Mother Cutter

Sep 18 2012

Flixx TV returns!!!

Sean Stanley

The beginning of the first episode of the new season… with a little help from the high water mark of Fred Savage’s career. Enjoy!!!

Jul 19 2012

The Guy from the Forest City

Sean Stanley

The show intro for the NxNE episode of Flixx TV, in which we interview director Rob Heydon about his upcoming documentary on Jeff Dowd – the man behind The Dude from The Big Lebowski… and this is our nod to the comedic masterpiece. Special thanks to Brian Maxwell for lending his soothing vocals to the piece:

Jun 20 2012

Flixx TV does NxNE

Sean Stanley

Spent the weekend couching in Toronto – a many thanks to the Rakehell Honoree Senor Gonzo for his hospitality and Malcolm Ingram for his convivial largesse – and in between nighttime bouts of drink and merriment, the Flixx TV gang managed daytime interviews with director/producers Rob Heydon and Jonathan Holiff, regarding their respective films Ecstasy and My Father and The Man In Black. The day began with a damn-fine breakfast at one of them quasi-fancy breakfast joints along Queen St. West (there’s one a block in that cloister of well-defined districts) and was quickly followed by sunshine that led indoors to the Hyatt Regency and a Q & A with director Rob Heydon. The sign on the door read “This Dude Abides: A Conversation with Rob Heydon on Ecstasy – Introducing Independent Films”. The Lebowski nod was in reference to Heydon’s new documentary on Jeff Dowd, the inspiration for The Big Lebowski’s The Dude and the ever-growing and now peripatetic Lebowski Fest. Heydon was mainly there to talk about making and financing his adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s novel Ecstasy for the screen. Though he purchased the rights for the book for a shockingly low and easy $500 for a year option, it was a laborious process to collect the remaining funds to get the project off the ground, but through many a friend and years of observing film distribution deals at festivals, Rob managed to finally get the film made… and we’ll have the full interview of that this season on Flixx TV.

Next up, we interviewed Jonathan Holiff about his film My Father and The Man In Black, which is a documentary, that recreates the relationship between Johnny Cash and Jonathan’s father and Johnny’s manager, Saul Holiff, through the benefit of audio recordings between Cash and Saul, left behind by Saul after his suicide in 2005. Jonathan went through the 30 or so hours of audio, plus, a storage locker full of records upon other extensive memorabilia and family photos. Now the film arrives, and shines a new light on The Man In Black from 1960 to 1973. The audio recordings are made exciting visually throughout the film, and for Londoners, it discusses many a connection between Cash and London, Ontario; from Johnny meeting Saul, to Saul residing there throughout their business relationship, anent Cash proposing to June Carter at the London Gardens. Anyhow, here’s a clip of the interview with Flixx TV host Shannon Laing talking to Jonathan Holiff about the documentary, which screens this Saturday, June 23rd at 9pm at Hyland Cinema in London, and the remainder of the interview will be seen later this year on Flixx TV.

For now, it’s back to the editing board.

Nov 30 2011

Flixx TV on YouTube

Sean Stanley

Check out the majority of season 1 of Flixx TV over at All the sketches are there (Pilots, Pretty Woah-Man, Point Break 2, Lobo, and the writer’s room stuff), along with interviews with filmmakers Greg A. Sager, Jeffery J. Timbrell, Brad Mills, Jake Grimbrother, and many others. Thanks to everyone who was involved in making season 1 happen, we have lots more sketches and interviews lined up for season 2 next year!

Nov 21 2011

Point Break 2

Sean Stanley

Yeah, we said it… and we did it… a trailer for a sequel to the 90s masterwork Point Break! Made for Flixx TV, here’s our massively extended trailer for Point Break 2: