Mar 21 2012

Smugglin’ 1st Place!!!

Sean Stanley

Our new short film, Smuggler’s Alley, featuring David Lahti and Eric Conway, took home first place from the 2012 Shot On Mobile Short Film Showcase!! rakehellrow productions grabbed the honour last year with our film Spaced Out. Back to back wins! Alright!! Smuggler’s Alley played to an almost-packed house, and got full laughs. Rules of the Shot On Mobile Showcase are that the movies have to be no more than 5 minutes in length and entirely shot on a mobile phone. Check out the flick below…

It was a good time making this movie. We brought Leon Cox back into a rakehellrow production, and dressed him up like a Jamaican school boy wrong awry, complete with a Polaroid camera. Leon took so kindly to his outfit, that he strolled on up to the cashier and made her scan the tags on the clothes as he wore them… pants, coat, shirt, and all.

Shannon Laing was a trooper as always and helped out with the small part of Terry the Tower’s girl. Thanks for bearing the cold!! Somehow, we managed to shoot on the two coldest days of this winter… and seeing as there were really only two cold days this winter in London, we didn’t do so hot for physical conditions, but I like the look of it, so you win some, you lose some.

Dave and Conway, The Rookie and Orlando, well, I think the films shows how much fun they had… just look at the way The Rookie jumps random apartment hallway obstructions or how Orlando shakes down an informant. We had to cut several minutes out of the flick due to time restrictions, but one day I’ll release an extended cut, which contains more laughs and random copfoolery. Including more with the might sergeant Kenny Foster (a clip of his ‘pussyfootin’ monologue can be seen in the teaser).

As for the origins of this one, well, we had anticipated to take part in the Shot On Mobile Film Showcase again this year… I can understand why someone might not want to make a movie on a phone, but we tackled the challenge again… and, when all is said and done, I like the films we came up with. Anyhow, Dwayne wanted to do some sort of 70s cop thing, and I went to work on the script. Which we stuck to as a good blue print, and then ran around East London… trying clothes on in Value Village, and irritating the woman who was kind enough to let us shoot at Eastown Arcade Bowling. We even got to knock a few pins down as well.

Anyhow, without further ado… watch the best slice of Cop O’Vision since Dirty Harry heard about the French Connection.


Cast: David Lahti, Eric Conway, Ken Foster, Shannon Laing, Mark Potter, and Leon Cox
Director: Sean Stanley
Writers: Dwayne Lachance, Sean Stanley
Producer: Dwayne Lachance
Sound Man: Dexter Sinclair
Sound Mixer: Ray Kilroy
Original Music: Martin Rae
Camera & Editing: Sean Stanley

Special Thanks Eastown Arcade Bowling.

Mar 16 2012


Sean Stanley

Straight from Boogie Pix Headquarters, my main man sent me some hot shots, featuring Eric Conway, David Lahti, and Leon Cox. Get yr pix, Boogie Pix. And watch out for Smuggler’s Alley, coming on March 18th!!!! The Shot on Mobile showcase screening was moved to that day – Convention Centre, 1pm, Sunday… which is why we delayed the release. For now, here are the pix (click to enlarge):

Feb 29 2012

The New Cops

Sean Stanley

Our new film, Smuggler’s Alley, is coming soon to an internet near you!!! The 5-minute film is our entry to this year’s Shot On Mobile Short Film Showcase. The rules of the game are that the entire thing has to be shot during the month of February and a maximum of 5 minutes in length… and be shot on a mobile phone. So, since I don’t own a phone that shoots video, we had to turn to Potter Corp, borrow their iPhone, and then we got suited up and we went to the proverbial All Night City.

One month later, here we are with what is hopefully the first in a series I’m calling The New Cops. This would be Episode 1 – Smuggler’s Alley. It’s a tight five minutes… I was fighting seconds, as I say in the editing cave.

Special Thanks to Eastown Arcade Bowling. They’re on Dundas… the lady was a little suspect of my actions, and I think I damn near scared her when I entered in costume. But she let us go on with our shenanigans and I think she’ll be damn happy in the end. I’m bias, but I think Dynamite Dave, as they call him, kills it as The Rookie, as does Conway as Orlando. Also, watch for Leon Cox in his charismatic return to a rakehellrow production. Thanks to Martin Rae of Raetunes for whipping up another funky-ass tune called ‘Memphis’ for us. You’ll hear it in the beginning of the flick over the credit sequence. And in the teaser trailer:

Ok, thanks to David Lahti, Eric Conway, Dwayne Lachance, Leon Cox, Shannon Laing, Kenny Foster, Mark Potter, Drez Peregrina, Ryan Somers, and Mike Crandall. Was happy to have you all in the film. Will have the flick up by the ides of March.

10-4 good buddy,

Keep a clean nose and don't mess with Det. Ronnie Orlando or The Rookie.