Nov 4 2013


Sean Stanley

We entered the National Film Challenge this weekend and though we were thrown a curveball with which genres we were given – Horror and Martial Arts – we made what we feel is a rock solid effort in the Horror Genre, and had a great time doing it. The film had to include the following:

GENRE: Horror or Martial Arts
PROP: Earplugs
DIALOGUE: “Not everyone can be perfect.”
CHARACTER: Carl Leffler, Dog Trainer


Many many thanks to those of you who were on call for whatever ideas were borne out of the elements given, and super special thanks for all those who helped pull this thing off: Dwayne for the first-class GoPro camera operation skills, and producing this bad boy. Davey for slipping into the role of The Neighbour like shivers slip up your spine. James, for the craft services, dog wrangling, and playing trusty Mr. Carl Leffler. The Laing Gang for bringing their familial love and care to the project. And of course Brasco the Dog for just nailing it – they say not to work with animals because it’s difficult, but Brasco proved an incredible exception to that rule. Best movie dog since that one in The Artist! Brasco even deserves credit for helping score the film thru an exaltation of barks… and speaking of the score, thanks to Mr. Martin Rae for coming through with the wonderfully eery auditory landscapes!


Muzzle is the name of the movie we made, and we have five weeks until we find out the results.
Let’s get lucky.