Feb 28 2012

Old Sheepshit Review

Sean Stanley

Sheepshit review by Kaitlin Martin from the Gazette after premiere screening in late 2007.

Jun 11 2011

Sheepshit Set Pix

Sean Stanley

From the vault, we’ve dug up some old rakehellrow photos, on the set of Sheepshit, courtesy of Mr. Ryan Somers, Gin, himself. One of these days, we will put Sheepshit online in its entirety, all 33 minutes of it. Til then, enjoy the photos:

Displaying The News

May 4 2010

Sheepshit Teaser

Sean Stanley

Ok, so, here is the original teaser trailer that was cut back in the day for Rakehell Row’s featurette Sheepshit. Now, if I can get 15 people to post comments on the board, I will cut and post a brand spanking new full trailer for Sheepshit… full of chaos, havoc, and general tomfoolery.

Some set pics from Sheepshit, courtesy of Ryan Somers.

Aug 18 2009

No. 09 Baby

Sean Stanley

The shit is in the house. Rakehell Row’s featurette Sheepshit is ranked #62 Best Independent film at IMDB. Seen the film? Go. Now. Vote. If we hit #1, we buy you drinks, and if you don’t drink, we got high-tens:

Imdb Best Independent Films of All Time

The Crew (Dave Hietalahti is there in spirit)

The Crew (Dave Hietalahti is there in spirit)

Update: The highest I saw the film ranked ended up being #22… then it dropped to #26, and now rests at #32.

Update Again – February 10th, 2011: The film is now #9 on the best independent film titles list on IMDb!!!! Top ten baby!!! Whoop whoop!

May 8 2009

Sheepshit Trailer

Sean Stanley

Here’s the trailer for the Rakehell Row featurette Sheepshit:

Also, here’s the IMDb link:

Sheepshit IMDb page

Sheepshit is a short film about three guys looking to pull the wool over their friend’s eyes.

Cast: David Lahti, Leon Cox, Ryan Somers, Marc Gammal, and Matt Dawson.
Written & Directed by Sean Stanley
Produced by Mark Potter
Cinematography by Armando Gomez
Sound Design by Eric Conway
Artwork by Warren Stanley and Pete Huggon

Apr 13 2009

Sheepshit on IMDb!

Sean Stanley


Check it out!

Sheepshit makes it into the big book!  If you are bored at work and can only look at safe for work material, then check it out, sign up, rate, and post comments!  Ok, time to continue celebrating with a couple Turkey Peppers.