Jul 13 2015

Key To Reserva

Sean Stanley

Man, I love this short film. Scorsese doing Hitchcock. “It’s one thing to preserve a film that has been made, it’s another to preserve a film that has not been made.” Ha!

Apr 1 2015


Sean Stanley

The awesomeness of the 80s jam-packed into one half hour!

Mar 29 2015

Jonathan Demme and PTA interview!

Sean Stanley

Some great stuff about Stop Making Sense, Silence of the Lambs, Citizens Band and getting out of movie-jail.

Dec 11 2014


Sean Stanley

It would be ridiculous to post a best of 2013 in 2015, so I figured I better get this out now… with the best film of the year singled out, and the rest in no particular order, as It’s been a while since I’ve seen some of these and they’re a little hazy.

1. Spring Breakers – caught the US premiere of this at SXSW 2013 and it was explosive. After waiting in the longest line-up I’ve ever seen for a movie (approx. 7 blocks), the movie opened with one of the best openings ever, and the crowd ate it up like a rock concert in full force. The movie is a hilarious spring break fever dream. Harmony, Franco and cast were there. And when asked why he did the movie, James Franco declared, “Sprang Break forever”. A brawl broke out on the streets of Austin later that night, and the guy I was with shouted out, ‘Sprang Break’, and from across the brawl, someone responded, ‘Sprang Break Forever!’ – it was a catchphrase not even two hours after the movie screened.


The rest of em, in no particular order:

– Cutie and the Boxer – great documentary about a couple who are both artists.  Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.
Prisoners – Gyllenhaal and Jackman both impressed me in this. Damn good thriller… good ending.
Her – Joaquin and Jonze together? Ok! That video game character was amazing!
The World’s End – this gets better every time I see it… dialogue is trump-tight.
This is the End – rewatchability factor on this is huge. Michael Cera steals the movie.
Mud – great backwoods flick with The McConaughey.
Big Bad Wolves – a great darkly comic white-knuckler.
The Wolf of Wall Street – DiCaprio nails the speeches, overall very funny, if a little sloppy and long. & they need to cut the Foo Fighters cue!
The Place Beyond the Pines – thought Cianfrance really stepped up his game here.  Dug the Gosling and Cooper stories.
Rush – why weren’t people talking about this movie?!? Best race car movie since Days of Thunder. Daniel Bruhl was amazing!
Gravity – remember being wowed by this visual feast in the theatre. Haven’t seen it since… felt more like a ride than a movie.
Inside Llewyn Davis – Bob Dylan baby. Llewyn is the cat.
Nebraska – a solid little picture with great scenery of middle America.
Clear History – I’m a sucker for Larry David.

Sep 29 2014


Sean Stanley


Sep 24 2014

Labatt Park Documentary Screening

Sean Stanley

After a very successful Indiegogo campaign (many thanks to our supporters!), the pieces have been put in place for a screening of the Labatt Park Documentary at the park itself!!! A free screening, with free parking behind Labatt Park, and a Q&A involving cast members afterward.

Saturday, September 27th, at 8:30pm.

The George Mooney Gibson Gates open at 8pm, and concession stands will be open! Weather is reporting clear skies, but dress warm in case!! The event is part of Doors Open London and Culture Days London – we’re excited to be a part of it and have everyone see the film for the first time on the world’s oldest baseball grounds. #LDNCulture #ldnont


For more updates, follow on twitter: @labattparkdoc

Feb 12 2014

The McConaughey

Sean Stanley

It is inevitable that this will pick up and people around the world will start doing it – certainly far more than who were doing it before The Wolf of Wall Street came out – we will see it here, there, and everywhere in days to come, and when it does, we can refer to it as The McConaughey. The chest thumpin’ meditative hum. It came from him, and he has now immortalized it on screen. Heck, with 2013 already being the year of McConaughey (coming off solid hits and performances like Magic Mike, Killer Joe, and Bernie, he bats it right out the park with Mud, Dallas Buyers, and Wolf, and then reigns supreme with HBO’s best show in years, True Detective), it’s great it now has it’s own signatory move, so to speak. I love it, and it’s perhaps the best battle motion of solace I’ve seen since The Bunk wailed Jimmy in Season 4. So, without further ado, ladies and gents, the McConaughey:

Feb 9 2014

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman

Sean Stanley

Great interview with Philip Seymour Hoffman on Craig Ferguson. RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of the absolute best.

Jan 25 2014

Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes

Sean Stanley

Jan 15 2014

Scorsese on Wolf of Wall Street

Sean Stanley

Bobby, I know you loved this film more than anything last year… now, as much as I had a blast with it, during the first viewing I was thrown for a fucking loop on the pacing… I was wondering what the fuck was with all the compacted action scenes, constantly followed by the drawn-out, seemingly improvised, scenes about fucking bullshit (midget tossing, money exchanges), but chewed on it for a while, and started to put some of the pieces together as to what Marty was on to… overall, that is the fucking point – where importance lies for debauchers – but the rhythms were jarring to me at times (especially that fucking Foo Fighters cue). Other moments I fucking relished (HOWLIN WOLF! Ludes)… but ultimately, Marty talking about the structural rhythm edits in this interview was exactly what I was looking at – it came across clear as crystal in the film.

PTA talks with Marty about Wolf

Marty/PTA part 2

Marty/PTA part 3

Marty, Leo, Jonah, and Terence Winter on THR: