Feb 23 2016

MTV mania!

Sean Stanley

Some super radical dude archived every episode of 120 Minutes from MTV – the 90’s music video lives!!!!



Aug 25 2015

Turn It Back Around

Sean Stanley

Music video for Nevada Brown’s ‘Turn It Back Around’.
Song recorded and mixed at Bloodwood Studios.

Directed by Econley
Edited by Sean Stanley

Jan 22 2015

Jack White 2012 Full Concert

Sean Stanley

rock on!

Apr 15 2014

She’s A Mess

Sean Stanley

New music video we did recently for The Creekside Strays’ “She’s a Mess”

Special thanks to Rebecca O’Malley and Darren Forbes.

Apr 15 2014

Jack White full live show!

Sean Stanley

Jul 10 2013

The Creekside Strays – Shit Outta Luck

Sean Stanley

First there was the music, then there was the video, then there was the music video and what we have here is a brand spanking new one!!  The song: Shit Outta Luck.  The Band: The Creekside Strays.  Now, I realize that this isn’t the first time I’ve made something with ‘shit’ in the title, but last time things turned out well, so let’s hope it’s a good omen and bodes well again.  We had a proverbial romp making this video with the band, some poker players, some thugs, and the wrestler Leah Von Dutch… complete with fireworks.

Directed by Sean Stanley
Produced by Dwayne Lachance
©2013 rakehellrow productions

Jul 8 2013


Sean Stanley

Shit Outta Luck

New song.  New video.  We shot a video with the guys in The Creekside Strays last year entitled ‘Freddy and Me’.  Now, with the band having just released a new self-titled ep, we’re back at it again with ‘Shit Outta Luck’.


Had a great time shooting this video and really look forward to getting it out there.  It will be out this week, complete with horse races, illicit gambling, thugs, babes, and rock n roll!!  Thanks to the following people for their help: Eric Conway, Leah Von Dutch, Mark Potter, Bob Laing, Mike Johnson, Doug Lachance, Nish Jajal, Lowell Brown, Drez Peregrina, and Dave Eakins (who played the titular Freddy in the last video… I was happy to have Freddy back in a cameo, as though this is what that character would be doing when he wasn’t out shivving people).


And a very special thanks to the City Storage Centre for providing us with a wonderful location, and being very accommodating.


Jun 8 2013

Guitar Moves

Sean Stanley

Cool series on guitar playing with guitar pros… such as QOTSA frontman Josh Homme in this episode. Really dug this; what Homme had to say (“if you don’t tell anyone, they don’t notice”-ha!) and show (i.e: the ZZ Top tap). Stumbled across a couple cool Homme-related things lately: there was also the appearance he made on Anthony Bourdain’s show No Reservations, and, of course, the stellar new Queens album …Like Clockwork (which is a bit of grower perhaps as it gets better with each listen – love Kalopsia, If I Had A Tail, and Smooth Sailing).

Aug 25 2012

Freddy and Me (official video)

Sean Stanley

Download “Freddy and Me,” along with other Creekside Strays tracks for FREE at http://www.thecreeksidestrays.com.

Directed by Sean Stanley
Produced by Dwayne Lachance and Sean Stanley
©2012 rakehellrow productions

Very special thanks to David Lahti, Dave Eakins, Valerie Cotic, Ben Potter, Brendan Couture and The Black Shire Pub.

Aug 11 2012

Freddy and Me

Sean Stanley

New Video Soon Come. We recently shot a new music video with the London, Ontario band The Creekside Strays for their song Freddy and Me from the album Honour Amongst Thieves. The video features David Lahti, Valerie Cotic, and Dave Eakins. Special thanks to The Black Shire Pub and Ben Potter for their help in getting the video made.

Looking forward to everyone seeing the video… it was a great shoot – got to ride in a 65 Chrysler Newport and revisit the alley where Bobby, Mark, and Jamie once rolled dice, and Kris Gonzo and Simon McKay pimp-chased Doctor Harris some years before that. Had a really good time putting together the project with the band. If you want to check out some pictures from the shoot head over to the Freddy and Me album.