May 3 2012

Do You Realize??

Sean Stanley

Wayne Coyne on WTF Pod with Marc Maron

Apr 30 2012


Sean Stanley

Thank you Rakehell Honoree Jay LeLer for sending this great interview my way, featuring talk of Jack’s new album Blunderbuss. Also, in case you missed Jack’s amazing performance with the boys and girls over on YouTube, here’s a clip of the rad-ass performance.

Jan 25 2012

Flaming Lips – She’s So Heavy

Sean Stanley

Prepare to have your mind blown…. maybe melted.  Hot bananas, the Lips are just chock-full of fun and surprises these days.  I don’t think a band has ever aged so gracefully… here they are with Nels Cline, guitar-maestro, who tears shit up in this epic take on The Beatles’ “She’s So Heavy”. Dose ’em if you got ’em.

Jan 10 2012

At the Drive-In reunites!!!

Sean Stanley

At the Drive-In has reunited and will be playing Coachella this year!!! “Dripping with drool from the nerves of this sentence”!!!

Dec 13 2011

Flamings Lips’ Crazy 2011

Sean Stanley

Here is a pretty rad list of cool things the Flaming Lips did in 2011. Featuring a human skull and a 24-hour long song. Yes, you read that right, so bust out the LSD and let’s take a trip!! Gotta love the Lips!! They’re last album Embryonic was fucking insanely awesome.

Dec 5 2011

RZA talks Iron Fist

Sean Stanley

It’s Bobby Digital!

Oct 16 2011

Tom Waits Interview

Sean Stanley

Sep 21 2011

R.E.M Announce Split

Sean Stanley

R.E.M call it a day after 31 years, and 15 albums
Sad day at the Agency. In honor of the band’s incredible run and for R.E.M’s #1 fan – Rakehell Honoree Agent Noslien – here is one of my favourite R.E.M tunes:

R.E.M – E-Bow The Letter (feat. Patti Smith)

Aug 23 2011

Bad As Me

Sean Stanley

A new Tom Waits album is always an event… thanks to Rakehell Honoree Larry LeLawrance for the head’s up on this – great promo vid featuring Tom talking about the state of things… here it is, the promo for the new Tom Waits album, Bad As Me:

Apr 23 2011

Fight For Your Right Revisited

Sean Stanley

WATCH THIS NOW! Beastie Boys present Fight For Your Right Revisited featuring Danny McBride, Seth Rogen, Frodo, Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and John C. Reilly. It’s hilarious… the dance off is incredible:

I believe this was done as a promotion for their new album Hot Sauce Part 2, seeing as it features music from the record.