Sep 26 2011

Fanshawe College Library

Sean Stanley

It’s here!!!  The video we did for the Fanshawe College Library, a place where students can get help from some little friends.  We conceived, shot, and executed the following video.  It was a pleasure working with the folks over at Fanshawe, and actor David Lahti, of course.  Check out the video below:

Dec 21 2010

Merry Christmas from Vivid Creative Communications

Sean Stanley

Warren Stanley created this badass Christmas greetings video/page for his company Vivid Creative Communications, check it out here: Vivid Christmas 2010.

Nov 17 2010

The Turk

Sean Stanley

A wrestler we know named The Turk is trying out to be in the WWE, and he had to send in a video of his character, so we helped him out:

May 6 2010

LCN 17

Sean Stanley

Check out the new video promo we did for the London Creative Network’s next meet (LCN17), featuring David Lahti in the role of Vance. If you’ve ever scrambled for the remote at the repeated appearance of the Slap Chop or the Sham Wow infomercials, well, this ad is for you. Davey makes London pretty again… one beer at a time. Click here for the video.


Oct 23 2009

Echelon Promo

Sean Stanley

And with that last blog post in mind, here’s some more Raekwon:

This is a 15 second promo for Echelon, with footage that I shot (additional footage of The Chef trying on clothes provided by LRG) and cut. Featuring Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Aug 20 2009


Sean Stanley

Here is a quick little video that we just helped SEED do for the London Creative Network meeting on August 27, 2009.

lcn15 video