A Horse and His Boy live @ CTO

Sean Stanley

If you don’t know the band A Horse and His Boy, you should run in different circles or squares. They’re not only the best thing to come out of London since I don’t know, but with just one five-song album to their name, I feel they have the potential to be something great. A Horse and His Boy rocked the hand-drawn-cocks off the upstairs walls of Call the Office over the weekend and here’s a clip of them in action, performing a new song, and damn is it some fine work. Well done, sirs:

Camera & Editing by Sean Stanley
Sound by Tim Glasgow


2 Responses to “A Horse and His Boy live @ CTO”

  • Ray_Kilroy Says:

    Best London band… soon to be best Canadian band. Not that that stuff matters, but hey, people need to support these boys so they can make more music… because they’re making some of the most exciting stuff around.

  • SS Says:

    couldn’t agree more.

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