New Short Film

Sean Stanley

Rakehell Row is currently in production on a new short film. To be released late 2010. This will be our first film post-Dumpie. We’re not releasing the title of the film just yet, so let’s just refer to it as ASAAJ. ASAAJ is keeping us very busy around headquarters and we hope to keep you abreast of all goings-on – from teasers to on-set photos, and, of course, any strange tales that may come about. Some tidbits about the film: it features David Lahti, Tyler Parr, and Jake Cain; it’s a midnight film that takes place during the day; it sports Heinz Mayr’s new hairdo… which is one of my all-time favs: The Bickle. Day 1 of the shoot was good times, felt terrific to be back on set again. Lots of energy and mountain climbing. The film is the most proactive film we’ve made to date… and with a little bit of luck and talent, the finished thing will smell like a whiskey-soaked shirt three days after the downpour. Ok, then, here’s to the rest of the shoot going off like Travis Bickle on a bad/good day.


For now, here’s one of the short films we made last year. It’s the simple and true story of a stolen bike. We declare revenge on all bike thieves!

Bolt Cutterz from rakehellrow on Vimeo.

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