On the Row – July part 2

Sean Stanley

Good day people, we’ve had a busy couple of weeks around here. We purchased the new Row Mobile, Rusty James – she’s from the 80’s but has a little left to go in her before she makes her way out of the twenty-teens and into the beyond and/or smithereens… whichever comes first. Many thanks to Larry for the wheels, so far she has only died twice; apparently she really does not like headlights being in the ‘on’ position.

We’re currently in production on a new film entitled A Stock & A Jack, and had a great and very productive weekend creating the beast. Had the pleasure of working with actors Dave Lahti, Tyler Parr, and Jake Cain on set. Producer Mark Potter was in full effect, bringing in one of our best extras to date: The Mayor – hope you all get to see some of The Mayor’s work sooner than later – it may just be his life performance. It was a pleasure to have Mark Neilson on set again – man’s got an eye sharper than the devil’s wit, and a Little Shit of an assistant (who actually wasn’t a little shit this time around, however, he has earned the title Little Shit and who am I to go changing something like that?!) who took to Barstool Betty in Marino’s and in trying to impress her did a stunning job behind the scenes. Best Boy #1 of the shoot, right there. High five to the Little Shit and his three-pack a day smoking habit. Many thanks to Dwayne Lachance, Drez Peregrina, Heinz Mayr, Ray Kilroy, Mo, Chris and Marino’s, Jill, and, of course, The Mayor, for all their help this weekend.

Hope to have some more posts about production up here soon – especially since the weekend involved one of my favourite shots that I’ve ever put to film… I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but let’s just say we had to close up production and move locations to avoid any possible interference from the fuzz. For now, here is a photo of actor Tyler Parr on set:

Photo by Mark Neilson

Photo by Mark Neilson

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