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Sean Stanley

One cord to another

Spent the day yesterday with Maestro Orlando, aka Eric Conway, head of Bloodwood Productions. Eric is the man behind the music for rakehellrow Productions. Having scored Sheepshit (2008) and Bolt Cutterz (2009) in their entirety, he has also contributed songs to such films as In The White Room (2009), and Dumpie the Bear (2010).
knobs and levels

Eric is currently creating the entire soundtrack to A Stock & A Jack and it’s sounding like the good stuff. Getting together with Eric and creating the score has been one of my favourite parts of the movie making process for a long time now – one of the highlights is certainly seeing the final film with Eric’s music there. I know it’s obvious to say, but the films wouldn’t be what they are without his music – one of my favourite things about the short film Bolt Cutterz is his score.
Flip ya for real.

This time out, there is a bedrock of punk rock with tones of british new wave, hard rock, even lounge, with undercurrents of nineties rap, and the universal S & M sounds. It was great getting to hear hints of things to come.
Pass the Mic

Trailer for A Stock & A Jack, featuring music by Eric Conway and rap sensations Ok Cobra:

A Stock & A Jack trailer from rakehellrow on Vimeo.

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