A Stock & A Jack premiere

Sean Stanley

Thank you so much to everybody who came out and supported our new flick, A Stock & A Jack, last night. The house was packed, and I’m glad so many people could be a part of the screening. I had the pleasure of sitting beside my producer’s parents, and if there is one film I do not want to be sitting near anybody’s parents for it was this film. Haha. The debauchery is in full force… it’s a rock ‘n’ roll film and isn’t for the faint of heart – I had to apologize to my girlfriend’s mother about the sex scene… but it was nice to see that the film was so well received – a very warm applause and a couple ‘woos’ followed the credits. A lot of people seemed eager for part 2… so that’s good. Now, it’s time to sign, seal, and deliver the film off to the festival world and go back to adapting the story into something larger.

A couple quick notes – I was happy to see so many moments connect with the audience, and especially how the audience took to some of the characters. I love Eric Conway’s score. And it was nice to see that Davey’s left-handed slider got a belly laugh from the audience, Tyler’s reaction to Jake’s story connected, and Jake’s misadventures along with Rusty James’ performance got an audible reaction.

Special thanks to Marc Gammal and the APK Live for being a wonderful host with a great new venue.

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