Sean Stanley

Hey everyone out there in Internet land, we’re heading to TV, and the old battleground known as Flixx Video Store is coming with us, in a new incarnation – FLIXX TV! We have Flixx Captain Will Burnett’s blessing, and with the classic logo revamped by Warren Stanley, we’re hitting the airwaves on September 12, 2011 on Rogers Local.

Whipping this bad boy into shape may be the reason the posts on the blog have been so sporadic around here lately, or at least, another reason. The show will be focusing on the London Movie Making Community… featuring short films, filmmakers, composers, editors, make-up personel, actors, and anyone else getting their hands dirty with film. ‘Cause dirty films are the best, right?

We will keep you abreast to all show updates – obviously, we can’t post too much online until the show airs, but we will certainly put up some teasers when they’re good to go. Feels good to resurrect the Flixx logo… and with a little luck, I might be able to wrangle Will Burnett into a segment or two for the Flixx Pixx – complete with the same store rating system: Highly recommended; worth seeing; and No, we didn’t purchase Honey with Jessica Alba.

Ok, alright, that’s all for tonight.

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