Freddy and Me

Sean Stanley

New Video Soon Come. We recently shot a new music video with the London, Ontario band The Creekside Strays for their song Freddy and Me from the album Honour Amongst Thieves. The video features David Lahti, Valerie Cotic, and Dave Eakins. Special thanks to The Black Shire Pub and Ben Potter for their help in getting the video made.

Looking forward to everyone seeing the video… it was a great shoot – got to ride in a 65 Chrysler Newport and revisit the alley where Bobby, Mark, and Jamie once rolled dice, and Kris Gonzo and Simon McKay pimp-chased Doctor Harris some years before that. Had a really good time putting together the project with the band. If you want to check out some pictures from the shoot head over to the Freddy and Me album.

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