Sean Stanley

Shit Outta Luck

New song.  New video.  We shot a video with the guys in The Creekside Strays last year entitled ‘Freddy and Me’.  Now, with the band having just released a new self-titled ep, we’re back at it again with ‘Shit Outta Luck’.


Had a great time shooting this video and really look forward to getting it out there.  It will be out this week, complete with horse races, illicit gambling, thugs, babes, and rock n roll!!  Thanks to the following people for their help: Eric Conway, Leah Von Dutch, Mark Potter, Bob Laing, Mike Johnson, Doug Lachance, Nish Jajal, Lowell Brown, Drez Peregrina, and Dave Eakins (who played the titular Freddy in the last video… I was happy to have Freddy back in a cameo, as though this is what that character would be doing when he wasn’t out shivving people).


And a very special thanks to the City Storage Centre for providing us with a wonderful location, and being very accommodating.


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