Movie of the Day: The World’s End

Sean Stanley

Well, the summer, like the carousing hurrahs of yesteryear, it came and it went, and with it took the hopes of Superman fans, the awe of Pacific Rim fans, and the money of Iron Man fans. I was enjoying it and not blogging so much, but here we are now, and there should be more Movie of the Days (i.e: This is the End, Place Beyond the Pines)… and maybe they’ll come… for now, Wright, Pegg, and Frost are back to finish what they started, The Golden Mile, The Cornetto Trilogy. After a blistering debut with Shaun of the Dead, and a wonderfully orchestrated follow-up in Hot Fuzz, this time the gang sets out on a dozen-long pubcrawl in their hometown, something they never accomplished in their youth. Not unlike the other flicks in the Cornetto trilogy, The World’s End comes on with the comedy and ice cream, and ends with the blood, so to speak. Smoking, drinking, it’s a great night out with aging and reluctant friends who just need a little warming up. Wright is as tight and exuberant as ever, though a little more restrained and not as hyperactive as, say, Hot Fuzz or Scott Pilgrim (that said, the Scott Pilgrim-ness of Scott Pilgrim wouldn’t apply to this film at all). The dialogue is sharp and funny and moves fast, and Pegg owns it. Perhaps not the best of the trilogy, but a damn worthy addition, and certainly one of the better movies of the year.

Also, note to self, watch this later:

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