Best Movies of 2012.

Sean Stanley

Late? Kinda. Latest best-of list ever? Perhaps. Well, turns out I never did a Best of 2012 list… I thought about it a bunch, but never put finger to keyboard, so to speak. I recall thinking I’d see more flicks from the year (i.e: Holy Motors) and the list would solidify into its concrete positions, but alas, 2012 remains a wonky year for me… I’m really looking forward to 2013’s list, as I have several noteworthy films already. That said, here we go, the best of 2012:

10. Goon – Seann William Scott delivers. It’s not only one of the best comedies of the year, but one of the best hockey movies ever.
9. Bernie – had been too long since we saw a strong Linklater live-action outing. And it has Jack Black’s best performance in a decade.
8. Silver Linings Playbook – I have a soft spot for David O. Russell.
7. Killer Joe – William Friedkin’s best since the 70s.
6. Ted – classic comedy.
5. Cabin In The Woods – fresh take on the Evil Dead genre.
4. The Master – a damn magnetic piece. Joaquin for performance of the year.
3. Moonrise Kingdom – Wes’ best live-action since Zissou.
2. Beasts of the Southern Wild – debut of the year. Wonderful, Malick-like, and wholly original.
1. Django Unchained – QT having fun in the western genre turns out to be the most entertaining movie of the year. Great dialogue, great firecracker set-pieces… Waltz for supporting actor, indeed. Great to see DiCaprio in the Tarantino world as well. He is a rambunctious sort.


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