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It would be ridiculous to post a best of 2013 in 2015, so I figured I better get this out now… with the best film of the year singled out, and the rest in no particular order, as It’s been a while since I’ve seen some of these and they’re a little hazy.

1. Spring Breakers – caught the US premiere of this at SXSW 2013 and it was explosive. After waiting in the longest line-up I’ve ever seen for a movie (approx. 7 blocks), the movie opened with one of the best openings ever, and the crowd ate it up like a rock concert in full force. The movie is a hilarious spring break fever dream. Harmony, Franco and cast were there. And when asked why he did the movie, James Franco declared, “Sprang Break forever”. A brawl broke out on the streets of Austin later that night, and the guy I was with shouted out, ‘Sprang Break’, and from across the brawl, someone responded, ‘Sprang Break Forever!’ – it was a catchphrase not even two hours after the movie screened.


The rest of em, in no particular order:

– Cutie and the Boxer – great documentary about a couple who are both artists.  Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.
Prisoners – Gyllenhaal and Jackman both impressed me in this. Damn good thriller… good ending.
Her – Joaquin and Jonze together? Ok! That video game character was amazing!
The World’s End – this gets better every time I see it… dialogue is trump-tight.
This is the End – rewatchability factor on this is huge. Michael Cera steals the movie.
Mud – great backwoods flick with The McConaughey.
Big Bad Wolves – a great darkly comic white-knuckler.
The Wolf of Wall Street – DiCaprio nails the speeches, overall very funny, if a little sloppy and long. & they need to cut the Foo Fighters cue!
The Place Beyond the Pines – thought Cianfrance really stepped up his game here.  Dug the Gosling and Cooper stories.
Rush – why weren’t people talking about this movie?!? Best race car movie since Days of Thunder. Daniel Bruhl was amazing!
Gravity – remember being wowed by this visual feast in the theatre. Haven’t seen it since… felt more like a ride than a movie.
Inside Llewyn Davis – Bob Dylan baby. Llewyn is the cat.
Nebraska – a solid little picture with great scenery of middle America.
Clear History – I’m a sucker for Larry David.

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