Phantom of Winnipeg

Sean Stanley

Calling all Brian De Palma and Phantom of the Paradise fans!!! That means Somebody Super Like You! We’re making a new documentary about the phantastic 1974 movie and Winnipeg’s bizarre fascination with the flick. Did you know that it played for over 12 months in Winnipeg when it was initially released!?!?! That’s longer than Jaws, Titanic, and even Star Wars!!! Say what??! What was in the water?? Well, that’s what we are heading to Manitoba to figure out. Check it out, and help out if you can: Phantom of Winnipeg Indiegogo campaign


I have been a fan of this flick for many years, and am very surprised and excited to be making a movie about it. I will try to post updates about the production here as it unfolds.

Also, we recently got some love from Deadline, CHUD, and the AV Club

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