Top 10 movies of 2014

Sean Stanley

Not without the tardiness drops the best of 2014, but hastily and without seeing a plethora of this year’s films, my 2015 list is coming up momentarily.  Just catching up on the years… that said, having waited awhile before posting this list results in my not really remembering what the best of 2014 was… but from my recollection, here we go:

10. Nightcrawler – Jake Gyllenhaal makes this.  With Zodiac and Prisoners, that’s 3 Gyllenhaal performances I dig.

9. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – Damn dirty apes come up with a good sequel.

8. Edge of Tomorrow – The Groundhog Day of action movies is actually good!

7. Guardians of the Galaxy – After an entire summer working everyday, this was what I did with my first day off, and I enjoyed the hell out of it.  My favourite opening sequence of the year.

6. Inherent Vice – Felt more Pynchon than PTA, and I’m still trying to make heads of tails of things here, and am going back fore more.

5. Only Lovers Left Alive – Jarmusch’s best in some time.  Great hypnotic quality, great music, and DETROIT!

4. Boyhood – Go Linklater go!

3. Birdman – Go Alejandro go!

2. Foxcatcher – Wow.  “Mother didn’t care for horse meat!”  Man was this intriguing and well executed.  Great performances all around.

  1. Grand Budapest Hotel – Wes’ best since Tenenbaums makes for the best film of the year.  Fiennes is perfectly cast.  Dafoe is great as always.  Nobody makes European American films like Wes… perfect dioramas.  A great culmination of Wes’ bag of tricks.



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  • independent_heinz Says:

    5 best.

    1) Whiplash
    2) Force Majeure – I thought this was hilarious and subject matter is right up my alley.
    3) A Most Violent Year – Chastain kinda bothers me now, but the wig helped. Oscar Issac is building a great resume.
    4) The Grand Budapest Hotel – Expected too much but like it more and more each time I see it..
    5) Inherent Vice – Love you PTA. I actually have read this book. Golden Fang building was EXACTLY as I imagined it would be.

    5 Worst

    1) The Hobbit Part 3 – I was so mad after Part 1 that I will never give Peter Jackson/New Line another dime.
    2) Top Five – Sorry Chris. Some fun cameos but not for me.
    3) Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 – Give me a break. Why did this need to be two movies? Because Deathly Hallows worked out so well?
    4) Guardians of the Galaxy – I am done with Marvel. Saw this late and just didn’t get why the hype. Same as I feel about The Hangover.
    5) Transformers Age of Bullshit – I guess I am out on sequels? But I like long-form television. Arggghhhhh.

  • Sean Stanley Says:


    Shit! I forgot Whiplash! I think I’ve just been so annoyed with Miles Teller post-Whiplash, that it slipped my mind. Good call though. Really looking forward to Force Majeure. A Most Violent Year – solid throughout, but a little bit underwhelming for me, maybe I should give it another go though.

    Glad to hear the Fang was exactly as you had imagined.

    Hobbit part 3, didn’t get that far. haha. Top Five, I hear ya. Not sure what all the hype was about… felt like Boomerang with new cameos. Hunger Games, again, I’m with ya. Splitting this in two parts did nothing but fuck its fans in the ass. And Transformers, well, life’s too short.

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